Activities for ebook pre-launch

A big part of this blog is documenting my journey as a creator. I pre-launched on Monday my ebook Research for sales

Here's the list of activities required:

  • Name for ebook
  • Cover for ebook
  • Landing page with subscription form
  • Email automation with Thank you note for subscribers
  • Linkedin post to tell the world

Ouch...I expected that list to be a lot longer. All this should have taken a day to do. It took me several weeks. Because I know how to build a website I was doing it myself. What I realise now is the time lost unconsciously on too many small decisions.

The whole process still may take more than a day due to research and the learning curve. Research on which tools to use and how to use them. I'm using Mailerlite and Canva.

This serves as a reminder to myself that I need to set constraints and that I can complicate things as much I want.