Boredom and success

An inability to cope with boredom kills more successes than any kind of competition. Alex Hillman, Tiny MBA

Tiny MBA is a short book containing 100 small lessons. The one above slap me hard on the face. Made me stop and reflect on my inability so far to create successful projects.

The idea of creating something new is exciting. If you haven't done it before it seems like it's all about working on cool things. The most tangible or visible for the outside and launch it to the world. Reality is the entire process is complex with different type of activites. Some are fun, some are boring. Very boring.

Packing products, trips to the post office, answering support requests, dealing with bugs, payments, refunds, testing your product over and over again, creating content and the list goes on. Don't get me wrong. The first time you do this is FUN. Doing it consistently? Well, not exactly.

It also prevents you from producing something good or great. Want to review your landing page content for the 5th time? Want to iterate on your design for the 10th time? Want to spend a day solving a bug on your app?

I've been guilty of this a lot. Making something and it's enough. Not good enough. It just exists. All because it seemed boring to do it again.