Developing thick skin

When creating for others a creator needs to be aware and open to criticism. The creation is supposed to be experienced by others. That experience or interaction invariably generates thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions. These can be negative.

Negative reactions prevents a lot of people from creating and telling the world about it. I had my own fears on launching a recent project.

Developing thick skin is a skill. You need to set some distance between you, the creation and the feedback.

This had a big impact on Dedica. In fact, I believe it's a big reason that the project hasn't succeed. What I was most afraid was the criticism, the push back, the weird look, the indifference. It kept me hidden behind my laptop programming away instead of marketing it.

I'm glad I've been picking up a lot on philosophy lately. It's helps put things in perspective how to analyze the situation.

Once you have thick skin, you're giving yourself a chance to act with clarity, intent and purpose.

For further reading on this topic, I though this article very helpful.