Does the word count, count?

Very powerful thoughts and ideas have been shared in short sentences or paragraphs.

On writing these daily posts I always look at the word count and the size it occupies on the screen. It doesn't matter but I do it anyway. Why is that?

It's easy to see that when we're being judge we want to put it all out, to show how much we know about a topic. It happens in school but also at work. We want to convince the reader that we know a lot, we're worth the time.

But filling empty space with words that don't add value is pointless. Especially in my personal website. I'd like to have some readers but I'd continue writing and working on the website even if I don't have them.

When I see a long article I make sure it's worth my time. I'll do the same for the readers of this blog and my future self. My hope is that if it's long it's worth it.