Every morning

Every morning I sit in front on my laptop, open firefox and click on Tomato1. This action starts a countdown of 25 minutes. It's a time management technique called Pomodoro.

I've set myself this challenge of publishing a blog post every week day. Publishing every day it's not easy. I have three main challenges when creating these posts:


What I'm I going to write about? This pushes for my creativity but it's tough to find a topic to write about.


How's it for? It can be for me and/or others. Most of the time it's for me. I'm putting down my thoughts as a way to a clear my thought process.

(as an example, this post is more informative to others)


How much do I want to share? Depends on the topic and how I'm feeling. At the moment, it's short bites kind of content.

Since this is something I want to do daily I need to set contraints.

I'm putting constraints mainly on duration and editing. It can't take more than 1 or 2 "Tomatos". The posts are published very raw with minimal if any amounts of editing. There's no concern about word count but the content needs to relevant.

  1. Tomato Clock is an browser extension