Forgetting the whole experience

Last week I was interviewed for a job at a startup. The founder asked me what made a specific community so successful. My answer was that the person leading such community, consciously or unconsciously, created an incredible experience.

Even if we forget, communities are a service. They existed to fulfill a need or problem for its members. Each member experiences becoming part of that community. The experience matters.

The experience starts the moment someone discovers you. The journey starts on the first interaction. Listening to your podcast, youtube video, blog post, tweet, visit your landing or anything else. After that moment I'm responsible for how to design how they can interact with me or my products.

Currently, I'm forgetting the whole experience on this website.

My distribution sucks. Basic SEO and posted my website last week on IndieHackers. That's it. Haven't done anything else to promote my blog. That's ok as I'm not yet focusing on that. But if someone lands on my website they find posts and nothing else.

No way to interact with me. No welcoming message. There are no Call-to-actions. No sharing options. No commenting. No liking.

I'm only writing. That's not enough. The experience matters.