Hello. Can it change?

Drawing a line in the sand. That's what made it difficult for me to start blogging. You see, there's a conflict. Well, I created it.

"What will I write about?", "why will people read this?". Is it about sales, surf, Brazilian jiu jistu, family, launching a business, programming, learning or something else. My interests keep changing and they've changed significantly over the years. Lately is all about bootstrapping a business but in 2013 it could have been all about startups (you know the venture backed kind) or in 2010 about surf and brazilian jiu jitsu. Since there might be people reading and following my blog for a specific reason can I change what its about next year? I'm not sure I want to stick with one thing and this blocked me in the past.

My interests change whilst my blog theme remains static (or I create that perception that it can only be about one thing). Currently I'm very interested in what it takes to create a product. Being a creator as it's being called. So I'm on a path to learn about Design, User Research, Marketing, Software development, Sales and more.

For now, I don't have much expectation for this blog. As I write this sentence for the 5th time, I'll say that initially this is a blog about learning to build products and possibly about building businesses. I say possibly because I don't want to have a goal (future post coming about goals).

I've given myself permission to write about anything at this point. As this evolves it may become more focused on a specific subject.

For anyone who reads it, thank you.