I'm not doing much.

I haven't done much. There's a lot of thinking going on, some writing and a tiny bit of doing.

Thinking I want to think about the right things. I want it to be clear so it helps me make sound decisions. To get there I need to put the house in order first.

There's two phases, the organizing and the clarifying.

The first phase is spent on determining which areas one should direct its brain power. The second on making the best decisions on the areas you've select.

At the moment, I'm pulling in various directions and it clouds my thinking. I'm moving from a Sales career to Community management, I want to tackle a bunch of new projects and ideally capitalize on my current experience. All the while, still prioritizing my family and my health.

Writing I'm happy with the amounts of writing I'm doing. This blog has been requiring more time and creativity than I expected but I'm enjoying it.

Doing I need (and want) to be doing more. I think a lot about design, yet I practice very little. Same happens to programming, promoting, researching.

What's preventing me from doing more? I'm blaming the thinking part. Once I have my ideas organized I'll be able to move onto creating more.