No silver bullet.

For creators inaction may come from finding that a similar product already exists. It's easy to think, the problem has already been solved. Why would anyone want what I'm building?

Funny thing is that if you asked me I'd say there's enough email marketing companies. Yet, recently I tried 3 of them and none solved the problem the way I wanted or needed. I was disappointed and happy at the same time.

Disappointed for two reasons. Either I'll need to solve my problem in a different way or find the company that provides exactly what need. The trade-off is change processes or spent time looking for a new solution.

Happy because there is opportunity to build something in an existing market. Hence, to almost anything there is an alternative to. (No wonder there are even many options on platforms that provide alternatives.)

In my case, I'm working on a ebook. There are a lot of similar resources trying to solve the same problem. But I solve it in a different way. My ebook doesn't need to be a silver bullet. It needs to help someone doing things better, faster or cheaper (or any combination of these).

It's important to remember. Whatever is created it doesn't need to be a silver bullet to everyone and to all use cases.