Reducing the noise

During October I'm cutting out the noise.

Never had facebook so that was easy. Stopped using Instagram beginning of the year. Twitter was my fallback. To be honest, Twitter can provide a lot of value. But everyone is competing for my (our) attention. Lot's of value coming from all over the place becomes noise. Not because what they say, it's good. Because they want to pull you in a specific direction.

Also this month I downloaded a brilliant extension to remove youtube recommendations. If I need to go to youtube I just watch the video I wanted / needed and get out. No side bar with intriguing recommendations to suck up more of my time.

The one social network I keep using is Linkedin. I'm using less but I need to be on it for what I do to pay the bills. Unfortunately, Linkedin is essential for someone selling software.

So social media is on stand by for me. I'm not quitting all together just taking a break. I want to know where I'm putting my time.

Ultimately, play with the kids more, read more and make more.