Sometimes it's difficult to stop and just get work done. The next thing is just a short click away.

I've been able for the most part to block social media from consuming much of my time. No facebook, instagram and the likes. In my case, news aggregators, communities and surfing the web are the culprits.

Yesterday I started thinking about how I read news. Like me you're likely in a bubble. News, articles and blog posts come from the same places. Same people. From here I drifted to Google reader. It's one of those services that still gets a lot of nostalgia from past users. Yup, even 7 years after being shut down.

In typical maker mindset, my mind started racing. What alternative can be created? Could you reimagine google reader where it allows a bit of randomness possibly? (You know to peak past my bubble). I'm sure there have been others that tried new models to an rss reader. Most failed and some might have found a niche.

The big question is, why waste 30 to 45 minutes on this? It wasn't worth it. I have enough ideas that I feel have potential. That time would have been valuable on one of my current projects.

Being aware of these rabbit holes is a good start.