Little progress made last week. I'm considering it as a week off.

We were in quarantine last week. My oldest daughter had a fever and we decided to test her for Covid-19. Unfortunately, the result took 3 days and it was inconclusive. That meant she had to be tested again. She tested negative for the virus.

Normally this would be a high stress situation. The entire family at home for a week. Luckily, I'm in between jobs and focused on being with the family. Work and side-projects took a back sit. Hence, little progress.

This makes 2 weeks that I haven't completed the task I've set out to do. I don't want to feel discouraged by this. Things I can't control happened and adjustment was needed.

I'll keep at it.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Woody Allen

To do this week

  • Email sign up ready - pushed from last week. Almost completed
  • Finish one content piece (blog post) - pushed from last week. Started outline and research.
  • Share the page
  • Outline and research second content pieace
  • Create another chunk do the product