Last week I realized that I'm putting too much pressure working on Research for Sales. There's a lot going on. In between jobs, a new born at home and family a lot at home due to Covid. I start the new job in January and I want to feel fresh and energized.

I still want to do all the work on Year of Hustle but for now the focus is on completing the book. This way I can still relax, the project is still moving forward. If time allows I'll do the content pieces and email lessons.

Last week I pre-launched Research for Sales. It was an interesting process. I wrote about the fears of launching.

I have a lot of ideas for future posts and initiatives but as I'm transitioning to a new career I'm wondering if linkedin is where I should put this content. The alternative is to become active in Sales forums and bet on SEO.

The first blog post is almost ready to be published. Now I need to decide what's the strategy for the website. Either I'll go back to building it or for an out-of-the box solution.

Done this week

  • Finish one content piece (blog post)
  • Share the page

To do this week

  • Write another section of the book
  • Relax - surf and meditate